Beiks English-Spanish Gold

Beiks English-Spanish Gold 2.0

BDicty traslation module for English-Spanish

Let us build you a powerful vocabulary in Spanish! Consider Beiks' comprehensive and carefully selected English to Spanish Gold Dictionary: an excellent choice for English and American travelers visiting Spain or Latin America and of course for students.

English to Spanish Gold Lexicon Features:

  • The full version contains over 35,000 words and forms in 581 kB
  • The BDicty Reader is easily expandable with a huge selection of other BDicty compatible dictionaries/lexicons
  • For faster download, the downloadable Demo lexicon contains only 10% of the words, but provides a representative sample of the lexicon quality

BDicty Dictionary Reader Features:

  • Specialized for reference content (dictionaries), resulting in simplified interface and improved speed
  • Hundreds of language, specialized and entertainment dictionaries and phrasebooks, including free ones; if you can't find your dictionary let us know!
  • Available on other mobile platforms (Windows CE / Pocket PC, Linux / Sharp Zaurus)
  • Instant lookup from within any other application
  • Extendable with custom articles
  • Standard travel phrasebooks
  • Unlimited unidirectional dictionaries
  • Excellent data compression
  • Dictionary browsing with dynamic word positioning
  • True support for MMC, SD, MS external memory storage cards
  • Tested on the whole family of Palm OS® devices, up to Palm OS 5.0 (Clie NX series and Palm Tunsten)
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Horizontal / Vertical views
  • Smart view
  • Most recently words list
  • Word of the day

A powerful and easy to use solution for translation from English to Spanish.

Beiks English-Spanish Gold


Beiks English-Spanish Gold 2.0

— User reviews — about Beiks English-Spanish Gold

  • trace90

    by trace90

    "Only 1 direction"

    This program only does English to Spanish - not Spanish to English. There are plenty of others that are bidirectional. More.

    reviewed on November 1, 2005